Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1040 movie

well as many of you may know from reading my youtube channel information, i am a Bible Believing Christian and before i post this, i just want to let you all know, i'm not trying to shove my faith down your throat, but i hope that all my fellow Christian brothers and sisters can be supporters of what i'm about to post!!! so here goess!!!!

ok you guys. i just learned about this awesome movie thats going to premiere in LA this weekend called "1040". its a movie about the Christianity movement that is taking place in ASIA!!!! and whats soo awesome about it is that Vaness Wu is part of this movement and he did a short interview, along with other Asian artists about their own personal experiences with God and about their lives in God. and i think its just completely awesome! *can be seen at 1040movie.com* honestly, i never would have thought that Christianity would be so prominent in Asia, but it is. It just goes to show how amazing God is and how He can changes the lives of so many people. well what really got me was the trailer for the movie. It can be seen at www.1040movie.com go check it out!!!! but in the trailer, it had clips of the youths of Asia literally running..RUNNING to the alters to worship. and it really struck me hard, i was in tears. *i know, i cry about everything* but it was just so touching and amazing to see that the youths of Asia are so eager to know Christ and to worship Him. and it made me take a look at my Christian life. i've realized that i should be more like the youths of Asia and be more eager to worship and pray. i haven't been much of a good excuse for a Christian lately. i also noticed that my Hunger for Christ had slowly been disappearing. and that i put things before Him and got side-tracked. but this movie and the movement in general, has really given me a kick in the butt to get up and stand for God. and to be a better example of a Christian for my friends and family. i hope that you guys can pray for me and pray that this movie takes off. i havent even seen it, and i'm not even gonna be able to go the premiere, but i want it to make a difference in the lives of teens. not just asian teens, but teens in general. and to show them that being a Christian is nothing to be ashamed of and that standing for God is cool. so i hope you guys go check out the website! just thought i'd share this with you guys. OHHH and dont forget to tell all your friends about it!!! its gonna be awesome!! i'm so proud to be an Asian American Christian!! teehee! :D

hope you all support this movie!! its gonna be AWESOME!!!