Saturday, July 10, 2010


i've been posting videos like crazy for the past few days!!!
i just wanted to be a bit more productive!!
please visit my youtube channel to see more!! thank you all!!

Rockin Red Visual Kei look

Tsubasa Masuwaka Hair

Ulzzang Park Young Hee Makeup and Hair

i really appreciate all of you're support! thanks so much you guys!


Sunday, June 13, 2010


OK well i love this picture so i decided to include it! dont know when it was taken but its Reita and Ruki! :3 how cutee!

Well a BIG HELLO to my new followers!! i'm so sorry i'm inconsistent with this blog.
Its actually more like an online journal for myself. I like to post my thoughts and feelings on here but thank you so much to you guys who want to read it!! makes me feel very happy!!

So i have seriously been loving Girugamesh or ギルガメッシュ.
If you dont know who they are, they are an AWESOME J-rock band. i'm not gonna go into too much detail but i will tell you that the vocalist, Satoshi, is AMAZING!
he has such a soothing voice even though he sings rock. he really knows how to use his voice!
it can be very soft and sweet or it can be pretty hard-core!

But i'm SOOOOOOOO EXCITEDD about the GazettE's new single!! its called "Shiver"
i heard a preview, even though its different from their last album, its still quite exciting!!
My friend and i are both pre-ordering it!! it is to be released on July 21, 6 days before my birthday!! soo happy! and they are also going on another tour starting in July! so i'm crossing my fingers hoping i can purchase the DVD! *they're super expensive, but worth it!*

ANOTHER thing, the one and only, amazing, sexy, adorable MIYAVI is currently on a tour in America! and hes traveling all over the country to small venues to perform! and i'm soo pissed!
Hes coming to Atlanta, Georgia which is only like 6 hours away from where i live, and i highly doubt that i'll be able to go!! but i still have hope!!
He'll be there on July 1st and then he'll be in Dallas on July 3rd.
so if i'm not here, i'll be in Dallas in July and the House of Blues is only like 25 mins away from my bro's house!! if i can get tickets, I'M GOING!!!! even if i have to go alone....*cries*

BUT aside from my musical interest, SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE!! yayyy!
i'm soo happy! i dont have to go back to that piece of crap school for another 2 months *woohoo* So i know i dont talk much about school, but this past year, i made junior usher!!!

so if you dont know, junior marshalls and ushers are the top 20 of the junior class!!
Marshalls ranked 1-10 and ushers ranked 11-20!
so my ranking in the junior class was 15. not too bad!! but i was very proud of myself!! i have a 4.125 GPA and i have relatively good grades! all A's except for stupid US History class!
but whatever. i'm just glad i passed that class. ok enough boasting!!
but yes summer is here and i'm not sure about my plans yet.
i was planning on Texas again, but then my Aunt also wants me to visit her in Rhode Island! (i was born in RI by the way!)

Ok well enough about my boring crap.
i want to know, what should i do for my youtube videos?!?!?
i know that people really seem to like my circle lens videos. Tutorials are ok.
and my last rant was pretty ok. people seemed to like it.
so what should i do you guys?!?! i need some suggestions.
if i dont have any ideas, i wont do anymore videos...sad but i need something that everyone wants to see!! so you guys please leave me some comments with suggestions on video ideas and i'll definitely consider!!
AND i need blog ideas also!! a big reason as to why i dont post on here often is because i dont know what to write about! i know people dont wanna read my boring give me ideass!!
more pics? more videos? more hauls? more makeup?? i just need answers!

ok well thanks guys!! much love!
i'll be posting a circle lens review soon so watch outt!!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Current Obsession

Hi guys! WOWW!!! its been like 2 months!!! i'm sooo inconsistent!!!
gahh ok well i can't make any promises but i'll definitely try to post more!

Ok well today, i felt the need to kinda do a post on my current obsession. which is the GazettE.
well actually, J-Rock in general has been the focus of most of my internet surfing sessions!
i've always liked Japanese fashion and culture, but until recently, i was more interested in the Korean music industry and all that good stuff.

so dont get me wrong, i still love Korean culture, food, music..etc. but Japan has really got a hold of me. back when i was an obsessed K-pop fangirl, i didnt even take the time to expand my music range, and for a period of about 3 years, i was all about K-pop. I was always about Korean this, Korean that...if it was Korean, i wanted it! It all started back in 8th grade until about the middle of my Junior year..yeah talk about obsession. But the korean music industry was different than how it is now. Back then, TVXQ was the thing! they were my obsession *literally* i was crazy about them! i bought a lot of their collectors items online. i have photobooks, albums, posters; you name it, i probably have it. So yeah they were the ones that made me really fall in love with Korean music...or so i thought.

i came to realize later that i didn't really LOVE their music....i loved their image. i was trapped by the false image of perfection and i really thought that i was in love with their "talent".
now again, dont get me wrong, they ARE super talented, but i really liked the way they LOOKED. and i didn't really realize how important that was until this past February, which is when i kinda transitioned from K-pop fangirl to J-rock lover.

Now i'm going to sort of compare K-pop and J-rock and tell you why i like j-rock better. so this is purely my personal opinion and i dont expect everyone to agree. but i thought i would let you know.

First of all...Kpop is fun; its upbeat and the artists are undeniably HOT and Sexy and CUTe. but......thats all that matters in the k-pop industry. as long as you have a likable face, a hot body and decent dancing skills, you're in! It doesnt matter if you can sing or not. now a perfect example of this would be Dara from 2ne1. i LOVE 2ne1 i think they are so fun and they are really about girl power which is awesome and i think that the other 3 members are very very talented. but Dara...just isn't. Shes a pretty good dancer, she can't really sing, but she's very cute! and yet shes very popular. i like her but i just dont think shes all that.
in k-pop its about how popular you can get and how many people you can get to like you!
there are groups like SNSD who i think could do without some members. i mean for Pete's sake, theres nine girls, i don't even know all their names!

well anyways. i feel like the music itself is often pointless and have no story and no moral.
it has no emotional significance. k-pop nowadays is basically just a good beat and a the most of the time, the lyrics are stupid and repetative. All k-pop songs are ALL about the SAME thing!! if the songs arent about how much you love someone, then its about how much you miss someone. and if its not about that, its about how you dont need that person. its kinda annoying sometimes. but i have to admit, its catchy and i cant say that i hate it.

On the other hand though....J-rock..where do i even start??...its simply amazing.
i feel like with J-rock you get the perfect mix of eye-candy, talent and personality and on top of that, the meanings of the songs are really such an emotional trip.
im just going to talk about the GazettE because they are my FAVORITE!
so Ruki is my fav. and hes also the vocalist and he writes a good majority of their songs.
so hes definitely SUPER talented and i just cant find words to tell how much i love him..

Now. before i got tooo deep into j-rock, i had to assure myself that i wasn't into it because of the same reasons i got into k-pop...does that make sense? in other words i had to make sure that i didnt like J-rock because the artists are Hot. you know? and i dont like them just because they're hot! i love j-rock because i feel like when i listen to some of the songs, i can release soo much emotion through them. when i'm pissed, i can listen to a hardcore song and i feel better immediately! when i'm happy, its fun to just kinda head-bang to some songs, when i'm sad there are the ballad type rock songs that are really an emotional release. So not only do i get someone to look at, but their music really touches me in many ways.

and unlike the multiple member k-pop groups, j-rock bands NEED all of their members!! i mean without a drummer, theres no beat. without guitarists, theres no vocalist, you might as well quit. must i say more?..i mean they arent like the korean pretty boys who are all about how they look and dance, when j-rock bands get on stage its about the music and the atmosphere. *well thats how it is with the GazettE*
When the GazettE gets on stage, they just let go and they let the music be the show.
they don't try to become popular with their looks. *even though they are EXTREMELY sexy*

i dont know i just feel like in all aspects, j-rock is the best choice for me. k-pop is fun occasionally, but it gets boring when all the groups are doing the SAME things over and over and over again. if you don't agree with me, its cool. i just wanted to get my opinion out there! alright so in the comments just let me know what you guys think!! it would be fun to hear some of your opinions too!!

LOVE you guys!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1040 movie

well as many of you may know from reading my youtube channel information, i am a Bible Believing Christian and before i post this, i just want to let you all know, i'm not trying to shove my faith down your throat, but i hope that all my fellow Christian brothers and sisters can be supporters of what i'm about to post!!! so here goess!!!!

ok you guys. i just learned about this awesome movie thats going to premiere in LA this weekend called "1040". its a movie about the Christianity movement that is taking place in ASIA!!!! and whats soo awesome about it is that Vaness Wu is part of this movement and he did a short interview, along with other Asian artists about their own personal experiences with God and about their lives in God. and i think its just completely awesome! *can be seen at* honestly, i never would have thought that Christianity would be so prominent in Asia, but it is. It just goes to show how amazing God is and how He can changes the lives of so many people. well what really got me was the trailer for the movie. It can be seen at go check it out!!!! but in the trailer, it had clips of the youths of Asia literally running..RUNNING to the alters to worship. and it really struck me hard, i was in tears. *i know, i cry about everything* but it was just so touching and amazing to see that the youths of Asia are so eager to know Christ and to worship Him. and it made me take a look at my Christian life. i've realized that i should be more like the youths of Asia and be more eager to worship and pray. i haven't been much of a good excuse for a Christian lately. i also noticed that my Hunger for Christ had slowly been disappearing. and that i put things before Him and got side-tracked. but this movie and the movement in general, has really given me a kick in the butt to get up and stand for God. and to be a better example of a Christian for my friends and family. i hope that you guys can pray for me and pray that this movie takes off. i havent even seen it, and i'm not even gonna be able to go the premiere, but i want it to make a difference in the lives of teens. not just asian teens, but teens in general. and to show them that being a Christian is nothing to be ashamed of and that standing for God is cool. so i hope you guys go check out the website! just thought i'd share this with you guys. OHHH and dont forget to tell all your friends about it!!! its gonna be awesome!! i'm so proud to be an Asian American Christian!! teehee! :D

hope you all support this movie!! its gonna be AWESOME!!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

i miss you.....

I have some extremely sad dad decided to give my precious baby boy Solomon away....*i miss my puppy*
yeah it was saturday, and while i was in the bathroom, the guy came and took him away..
i didn't even get a chance to see him for the last time. i didn't even get to pet him one more time. or tell him that i love him....*i'm crying now...* gahh...everytime i think of him, i cry.
i really miss him a lot! he was the cutest, most amazing, dorky, annoying dog ever and i loved him so much. i really hated my dad that day. i hated that he didn't give me a chance to see my baby before he left.
i sat in my room for literally like 3 hours just crying. i know, i'm a big baby. but Solomon was really the first puppy that i raised myself. and i didn't even get to see him grow up completely.
my dad called the guy saturday night just to check up on Solomon and he said that his whole family really loves him and all the kids love to play with him and that hes just the sweetest dog ever......
i know i should be happy that hes with a good family and that hes happy..but i'm not.....
i miss him...i can't be happy for him unless i'm the one making him happy.
gah i know its selfish. but reallly. i want him back. NOW!
i secretly hope that they get tired of him really fast so they bring him back to me. but i doubt that will happen. they say that they will bring him over to visit. but thats not enough for me.
i want them to bring him back to live with me! gahh! SOLOMON!! i miss you babyy!!!
i wonder if he misses me too! i wonder if hes forgotten about me already.
i'm his mommy! he can't forget about me! i was there when he was born!!
he was born on July 4, 2009. He was puppy #6! i was the first one to hold him!
I knew from the beginning that he was the one i wanted. and now hes gone....
how can my parents be so cold hearted??!?!

ok i'll stop talking about my dog now. no matter where he lives, he'll always be mine!
he'll always be my baby Solomon. no one can replace him.....
i'm gonna go finish crying and i'll talk to you guys later!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Where have you been my entire life??

who am i talking about?..PARK HYO SHIN!!!!
i dont know if you guys are kpop addicts like me, but i just recently fell in love with park hyo shin!
i know hes been around for a while, but i was browsing youtube and came across one of his videos. he was singing "lets hate eachother" on KBS. and his voice....*dies* MELTS MY SOUL!!!
gahh how can someone be born with such an amazing, perfect, smooth, sexy voice?!?!
seriously! hes the MASTER of ballads!
ive never heard anyone with a voice like his!! wahh i think the closest thing is probably...Ha Dong Kyun??...sorta?...idk. but i love him! hehe
i want him to sing me to sleep every night for the rest of my life! (woah)
my FAVORITE song from him is called "lost"
gahh talk about an amazing voice..

heres the link to the video:

hope you guys enjoy!!
OHh and i'll have another video up tomorrow! go check it out when you get the chance!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

wow its been like a monthh!


wow..i only have 8 followers...*cries*
but its ok! thank you guys for following mee!!!
well i havent been posting for like a month now..
sorry guys, i go on these random hiatus' sometimes!!
but i've been super busy with school lately but...luckily, i don't have to take ANY Exams next week so i'll be free for like 10 days!! YAYYY!! that means new videos, new blog posts, and whateverr else you guys want!!

OHH an announcement....
i placed an order on gmarket after Christmas and then again this past week!!
so i already recieved my first order and my second order is being sent over now!!
and i also placed a small order on AND i'm getting new circle lenses soon!!
so LOTS of videos to check out and updates for you guys to readd!!
yay i promise that i'll be more active on here and youtube so dont give up on me yett!!!
i'm coming back with a BANGG!! so check it out as soon as i get it all going!! \

if you guys have any requests, SEND THEM IN NOWW!!! i'm off of school for a week so i'll be doing videos more frequently!!!

but then after my break is over...i probably wont be on here as often again...why??
because it will be the start of a new semester in school and i want to focus on grades and school work *what a nerd..i know*
but i have STRAIGHT A's!! and i want to maintain that through next semester!!
but believe me, i'll still be here and on youtube!!

so yeah this was just a quick little update for you guys!! much love to all of youu!!
you guys are the bestt!! and please get more people to follow mee!!!

My lovely sister and i!