Saturday, December 12, 2009

Updated Face Routine and Korean Actress Makeup

Posted a new tutorial today!

Its very very simple! but the MAIN focal point of this look is the flawless, glowy skin!
so pay the closest attention to the skin!!

Say hello to Browni and Solomon!
browni is on the right and solomon is on the left! they are so naughty but i love them!!
Browni is Solomon's mother..hehe


Ok so its a cold saturday morning...and i've got nothing to doo!!
i'm so bored people. so i thought i'd get on here and rant.
so yesterday, i posted a video on youtube. its a 2ne1 Park Bom inspired makeup tutorial.
i don't know about you guys but i LOVE 2NE1!!! they are my absolute favorite girl group!
their style is hot, their music is hot! they are just HOT!
another group i'm loving right now is 2pm!
they are the definition of sexy! i'm just sad cause leader Jaebeom is gone! *cries*
they look soo incomplete without him! oh well, they're still amazing! but if they had jae back, they'd be even more amazing!..soo enough about k-pop...

so, last year around this time, i was obsessed with Twilight and all those books.
and i still love them to death. but its just been a while.
so i went to see New Moon with some friends and got back into the whole twilight scene for like a week.
so my friend, Angelia, doesnt like the twilight saga too much. she likes Jacob *who i really don't like* and she thinks that Bella and Edward are stupid. so she recommended another vampire romance type of novel to me the other day.
its called "The Silver Kiss" and i just finished it yesterday.
honestly...if you've ever read the book, you'll know that its kinda short and kinda pointless.
i didn't realy like it...idk, maybe i'm just comparing it to twilight. But really, the characters never really show any type of compassion for eachother *other than kissing* and they don't act like they NEED eachother like Bella and Edward.

so if you're considering reading a vampire romance, go for the Twilight Saga.
i finished all of them in like less than a month! and i HATE reading, so you know it was good.
but yes...gah this is so stupid!
i'm sorry you guys even read this! i must be really bored.

OHH and i think i'm doing another tutorial today.
i was requested yesterday to do an updated face maybe i'll have it up!
Oh and i'm sorry i havent put pictures up on here! my camera is a piece of SH*% so the quality will be bad anyways...ok well thats all for now folks!

tutorial link:

Thursday, December 10, 2009


i'm so sickk today..grr
just did a review for my candy doll grey lenses.
it was requested!!
OHH and my dolly eye blue review got deleted!!
so heres what happened! so yesterday, youtube sent me an offer to become youtube partner because apparently, my dolly eye blue review was i weent through all that crap and then at the end, they asked if i had any type of copywrited content in my video such as, video clips, game clips, music, background music, i had the song called "baby baby" by the korea group called 4men, playing in the background of the video. and so i told them that i had that song playing and submitted the video...
so 30mins later, i get an email from youtube saying that my video was not accepted because i had music playing in the back...whatt the EF?!?! i was so pissed!!
i went through all that crap to find out that my video was DELETED!!!!!
so yeah..i went back and the video was removed!! i'll repost it later! go check it out when you get a chance!

thanks for reading my complaining! ^_____^

heres my candy doll grey revieew

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bit about Melody

Oh...hi there!
so heres a bit about myself.
my name is Melody Vue...yess i'm Hmong.
you may know me as "mellove5" from youtube.
then again, you may have never heard of me. teehee
but i'm a normal, 16 year old girl living life to the fullest.
i have amazing friends and family who are the best people in the world!
i am a born again Christian. God is my eveything.
makeup, fashion, and music are the main components of my life!
i love ulzzang fashion and style *i'll post more about this later*
and NO..i don't consider myself "ulzzang" so dont go accusing me ;D
i don't know really what to say about myself.
I LOVE to sing and express myself through music and writing songs or poems
i am addicted to circle lenses...yes...
i'm quite boring.
but if you have time, drop by and check out my blog every once in a while.
i may have something new up!
thanks lovely people :D
OOh..heres my youtube account! go check it out if you havent already!