Saturday, December 12, 2009

Updated Face Routine and Korean Actress Makeup

Posted a new tutorial today!

Its very very simple! but the MAIN focal point of this look is the flawless, glowy skin!
so pay the closest attention to the skin!!

Say hello to Browni and Solomon!
browni is on the right and solomon is on the left! they are so naughty but i love them!!
Browni is Solomon's mother..hehe


    your puppies are so cute :3
    i'm jelouse!

    and and and and and
    i loved your latest tutorial, i actually tried it out :]
    flawless skin every time!
    so good job!
    and keep up the good work <3

    can't wait for the next video :D

  2. i just subscribed to your youtube and found your blog and i usually never leave comments but I just had to cause I saw your super cute dogs!! I have 3 myself. But yeah thanks for doing great tutorials! Byee