Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bit about Melody

Oh...hi there!
so heres a bit about myself.
my name is Melody Vue...yess i'm Hmong.
you may know me as "mellove5" from youtube.
then again, you may have never heard of me. teehee
but i'm a normal, 16 year old girl living life to the fullest.
i have amazing friends and family who are the best people in the world!
i am a born again Christian. God is my eveything.
makeup, fashion, and music are the main components of my life!
i love ulzzang fashion and style *i'll post more about this later*
and NO..i don't consider myself "ulzzang" so dont go accusing me ;D
i don't know really what to say about myself.
I LOVE to sing and express myself through music and writing songs or poems
i am addicted to circle lenses...yes...
i'm quite boring.
but if you have time, drop by and check out my blog every once in a while.
i may have something new up!
thanks lovely people :D
OOh..heres my youtube account! go check it out if you havent already!

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