Sunday, June 13, 2010


OK well i love this picture so i decided to include it! dont know when it was taken but its Reita and Ruki! :3 how cutee!

Well a BIG HELLO to my new followers!! i'm so sorry i'm inconsistent with this blog.
Its actually more like an online journal for myself. I like to post my thoughts and feelings on here but thank you so much to you guys who want to read it!! makes me feel very happy!!

So i have seriously been loving Girugamesh or ギルガメッシュ.
If you dont know who they are, they are an AWESOME J-rock band. i'm not gonna go into too much detail but i will tell you that the vocalist, Satoshi, is AMAZING!
he has such a soothing voice even though he sings rock. he really knows how to use his voice!
it can be very soft and sweet or it can be pretty hard-core!

But i'm SOOOOOOOO EXCITEDD about the GazettE's new single!! its called "Shiver"
i heard a preview, even though its different from their last album, its still quite exciting!!
My friend and i are both pre-ordering it!! it is to be released on July 21, 6 days before my birthday!! soo happy! and they are also going on another tour starting in July! so i'm crossing my fingers hoping i can purchase the DVD! *they're super expensive, but worth it!*

ANOTHER thing, the one and only, amazing, sexy, adorable MIYAVI is currently on a tour in America! and hes traveling all over the country to small venues to perform! and i'm soo pissed!
Hes coming to Atlanta, Georgia which is only like 6 hours away from where i live, and i highly doubt that i'll be able to go!! but i still have hope!!
He'll be there on July 1st and then he'll be in Dallas on July 3rd.
so if i'm not here, i'll be in Dallas in July and the House of Blues is only like 25 mins away from my bro's house!! if i can get tickets, I'M GOING!!!! even if i have to go alone....*cries*

BUT aside from my musical interest, SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE!! yayyy!
i'm soo happy! i dont have to go back to that piece of crap school for another 2 months *woohoo* So i know i dont talk much about school, but this past year, i made junior usher!!!

so if you dont know, junior marshalls and ushers are the top 20 of the junior class!!
Marshalls ranked 1-10 and ushers ranked 11-20!
so my ranking in the junior class was 15. not too bad!! but i was very proud of myself!! i have a 4.125 GPA and i have relatively good grades! all A's except for stupid US History class!
but whatever. i'm just glad i passed that class. ok enough boasting!!
but yes summer is here and i'm not sure about my plans yet.
i was planning on Texas again, but then my Aunt also wants me to visit her in Rhode Island! (i was born in RI by the way!)

Ok well enough about my boring crap.
i want to know, what should i do for my youtube videos?!?!?
i know that people really seem to like my circle lens videos. Tutorials are ok.
and my last rant was pretty ok. people seemed to like it.
so what should i do you guys?!?! i need some suggestions.
if i dont have any ideas, i wont do anymore videos...sad but i need something that everyone wants to see!! so you guys please leave me some comments with suggestions on video ideas and i'll definitely consider!!
AND i need blog ideas also!! a big reason as to why i dont post on here often is because i dont know what to write about! i know people dont wanna read my boring give me ideass!!
more pics? more videos? more hauls? more makeup?? i just need answers!

ok well thanks guys!! much love!
i'll be posting a circle lens review soon so watch outt!!