Monday, January 25, 2010

i miss you.....

I have some extremely sad dad decided to give my precious baby boy Solomon away....*i miss my puppy*
yeah it was saturday, and while i was in the bathroom, the guy came and took him away..
i didn't even get a chance to see him for the last time. i didn't even get to pet him one more time. or tell him that i love him....*i'm crying now...* gahh...everytime i think of him, i cry.
i really miss him a lot! he was the cutest, most amazing, dorky, annoying dog ever and i loved him so much. i really hated my dad that day. i hated that he didn't give me a chance to see my baby before he left.
i sat in my room for literally like 3 hours just crying. i know, i'm a big baby. but Solomon was really the first puppy that i raised myself. and i didn't even get to see him grow up completely.
my dad called the guy saturday night just to check up on Solomon and he said that his whole family really loves him and all the kids love to play with him and that hes just the sweetest dog ever......
i know i should be happy that hes with a good family and that hes happy..but i'm not.....
i miss him...i can't be happy for him unless i'm the one making him happy.
gah i know its selfish. but reallly. i want him back. NOW!
i secretly hope that they get tired of him really fast so they bring him back to me. but i doubt that will happen. they say that they will bring him over to visit. but thats not enough for me.
i want them to bring him back to live with me! gahh! SOLOMON!! i miss you babyy!!!
i wonder if he misses me too! i wonder if hes forgotten about me already.
i'm his mommy! he can't forget about me! i was there when he was born!!
he was born on July 4, 2009. He was puppy #6! i was the first one to hold him!
I knew from the beginning that he was the one i wanted. and now hes gone....
how can my parents be so cold hearted??!?!

ok i'll stop talking about my dog now. no matter where he lives, he'll always be mine!
he'll always be my baby Solomon. no one can replace him.....
i'm gonna go finish crying and i'll talk to you guys later!



  1. =[
    I'm sorry. I hope you feel better.
    My mom threatened to take away my bunny because she was messy. I know it sounds mean but I told her if she even touches my rabbit she'd regret it.
    Bunny is my baby.
    If she was gone. I'd probably cry for a year straight.
    He was a cutie though. I remember seeing him in one of your videos.

  2. :(
    i just found ur blog and i just cried reading this
    how can your parents be so mean??
    thats like the same thing as going like

    hey, ur mother said ur baby was too cute so we're here to take it away

  3. Hey there mel! I seriously adoreee your youtube tutorials ! AND IM A KPOP FAN LIKE YOU.
    hehe. Just wanted to drop in and say hi and keep uploading because you're definitely talented!

    x victoria

  4. aww thats so sad... I wouldn't know what to do if my dad gave my puppies away.